7 key steps to organize your closet

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7 key steps to organize your closet


How many times has it happened to us that we are in a hurry and we cannot find the garment we wanted and we end up wearing something else?

In this article I will give you 7 tips to be more organized with your clothes and accessories, so that you always have everything in view and do not waste any more time when it comes to getting ready. Make your room look cleaner and tidier.



1- If you haven’t used it in a year… Take it out!

When you clean the closet, you don’t know what to throw out? We know that there are clothes with sentimental value or that we think they will fit us again after an exhaustive diet, but how much longer do those clothes stay in your closet after you say that?

The “rule” of getting rid of everything that you have not used in a year is very popular, and it makes sense, since in a year the 4 seasons have passed, all the climates and seasons, and if a garment you did not use, the most sure is that you will not use it again. Besides that it may have already gone out of style.

A recommendation to keep your closet always clean and spacious is to get rid of one garment for each one you buy. That is, if you buy 4 new pairs of shoes, take out 4 old pairs. If you bought new underwear, take out the old one, etc. Let’s be honest, when you buy a new black blouse very similar to the one you had before, you stop wearing the old one, so why do you want it to bulge in your closet if you will only wear the new one?

7 key steps to organize your closet

7 key steps to organize your closet


2- Organize your clothes by colors, choosing will be easier.

It is much easier to choose what to wear or find the garment you have in mind if you have everything sorted by color, think of a rainbow and follow the same sequence in your clothes.

If you do not like this arrangement, you can also do it by style, that is, those with long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, buttons, thick fabric, thin fabric. So you can first get to the area with the type of garment you want to wear and then choose the color.

3- Use organizers

Your bedroom and closet will look cleaner and tidier if you use organizers. There are all kinds of organizers, boxes, dividers, bags, shelves, labels, etc. Get creative and use your imagination to make your closet such an organized sanctuary that you won’t want to move from its place.

4- Accessories in sight, so you don’t forget them.

Has it happened to you that you stop wearing certain accessories simply because you forgot you had them? Now I have those accessories in a transparent organizer box (with separations) inside my first dresser drawer, super close at hand and in sight so as not to wear them. Now people give me compliments and compliments on my “new earrings”, even though I’ve always really had them but never wore them.

They can also be organizers on your hair dresser, something transparent, elegant that does not take space from your area of ​​use, and that are pleasing to the eye.

5- Adequate spaces for your shoes

It is also important to have your shoes in order, especially if you usually have them in view, this will give a more orderly appearance to your entire room. It can be a shoe rack, or an organizer to hang behind a door.

6- Invest in hooks that do not mark or mistreat your clothes.

It is a very unpleasant feeling not being able to wear the garment you wanted because the shape of the hook was marked on the shoulders and now you have to iron it. In addition to having friendly hooks with your clothes, a good tip to make it look neat is to have all the hooks the same, and facing the same side.

7- Maintains and cleans regularly.

The last of the tips, and the most important, is to keep your spaces clean. Not because you buy the same hooks or many organizers for all kinds of things does it mean that it will always look neat. After a certain time of use, to be taking and putting clothes or accessories to your closet and organizers, they become disorganized. It may be that one day when you are in a hurry, you only hang the clothes where you saw space although it was not in the area of ​​the corresponding color, or you put a watch with the bracelets, or you left some earrings outside the earring holder. Little by little it begins to get messy, it is necessary to dedicate at least one day a month to reorganize everything and clean what may have dust, such as the shoe cabinet.

I hope they have served you and you apply these tips, you will see that over time they will be part of your routine that you will almost do without thinking, because more than rules, it is a lifestyle.

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