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Where do you think there are more germs, In the bathroom or in the kitchen?

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Where do you think there are more germs, in the bathroom or in the kitchen?
Do you remember when was the last time you sanitized your microwave, refrigerator, or sink? The kitchen takes the crown for the place in the house where dirt is most concentrated!

There are all kinds of germs that are present in our day to day, some are even considered beneficial to strengthen the defenses and the immune system, but there are other types of germs that are not so friendly, these are dangerous and it is very important to eliminate them from home as soon as possible . Some of these are the Salmonella bacteria and E. Coli, the Flu virus or Gastroenteritis, the Mold as well.

We are not microbiologists or scientists, but very well that, if we have experience with cleaning and disinfection of these places, we tell you important data that you must take into account to keep your house clean and your family healthy. Keep in mind when we talk about germs we are referring to microorganisms and bacteria that are harmful to health.

Germs in the bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the spaces in the house most used by family members and guests, for this reason we focus on this area of ​​the house as if it were the most important and obsessively clean it, and of course it is. For example, the toilet is the main accumulator of bacteria and bad odors in the bathroom, so it requires a deep cleaning at least twice a week, it is also vital to change the towels at least every three or four days, since that being wet most of the time they are more prone to fecal bacteria adhering to the tissues being more difficult to eliminate germs and you do not want to dry your hands with an apparently clean towel, but full of Coliforms, right?

It is recommended to wash them very well with hot water and towel disinfectant, let them dry very well before storing them in the clothes closet.

Germs in the kitchen.

The kitchen takes the crown for the place in the house with the most germs. This is because it is where we prepare food that can spread Salmonella and E.coli. For example, a perishable food like a fruit can harbor thousands of germs.

There are several critical sources that require deep cleaning and disinfection to avoid the inconveniences that we already know.

The sink.

Is a source where germs or bacteria tend to adhere, since many people defrost raw meat or chicken products on it and all they do to clean it is to drop water on the surface, as if the water carried the bacteria magically.

Kitchen sponges.

Considering that you use the sponge to clean the sink, countertops and cutting boards should not surprise you that these small elements carry most of the bacteria at home, many people recommend disinfecting it with heat in the microwave In order to kill as many microorganisms as possible, we recommend you use a sponge a week and then throw it away, and we know it is not fair to the environment and much less economical, it is just one more option, remember that you can also buy sponges biodegradable.

The kitchen cleaners.

Let me tell you that the fact that they are for cleaning leaves a lot to say, we should throw them away after cleaning so as not to contaminate other areas. The cleanings are porous, humid and warm a perfect environment to incubate dangerous microorganisms.

Food cutting boards.

When cooking, it is essential to have a surface where you can cut and chop food, the food cutting board is a source of germs and bacteria since it is the place where we handle food, the wooden boards have a porous surface with scratches made by the cuts which makes cleaning and disinfection more difficult, it is usually recommended to replace them with those made of plastic, and do not forget about cross contamination, it is very important to have a table for each food, one for meats, another for vegetables, and wash and disinfect it very well after use.
Speaking of cross contamination, we know that in the kitchen different utensils are used all the time for raw and cooked foods, Remember to separate foods in the refrigerator by categories and in closed containers to avoid contact between them.

Finally, the handles of the refrigerator generally accumulate a lot of invisible dirt since while a raw food is being handled on the counter and another ingredient is needed that is inside the refrigerator, it will be searched without having previously cleaned our hands.

In conclusion, we must not become obsessive crazy about cleaning, there are germs and bacteria that are vital and friendly, but there are others that you can definitely remove from your environment.

In another chapter we will tell you some tips to end these dangerous germs that can affect your family.

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