6 simple habits that you must maintain to have your house always tidy

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6 simple habits to keep your home tidy at all times

We are talking about those quick tasks that are a simple way to keep your home in order and that will take less than 5 minutes a day but that make a big difference in the state of your home
Today we want to show you a list of 6 small habits of order that you should include yes or yes in your list of daily chores.


1. Make the bed as soon as you wake up.

As they say, to start the day on the right foot is to get up after a super restful sleep and make the bed instantly. The habit of making your bed in the morning is a way to begin to clean up your physical and mental space, when you make your bed and see in some corner of the room thrown objects that produce chaos, you feel a greater need to pick up the mess to maintain harmony and order in the place. Which indicates that this is step number one to motivate yourself to be more productive throughout the day.
2. Dirty clothes in place.
Forget about using a bedroom chair to put your dirty clothes, we call it the time bomb where after 3 or 4 days BOOM! the chair is buried under mountains of dirty clothes, this corner of the messy room produces the feeling of chaos in the bedroom which will increase proportionally to the size of the bundle of dirty clothes.
It is best to wash what is dirty and put what is clean in its place. Do not forget that every item in your wardrobe counts and every object out of its place makes a mess.

3. Fold the laundry as soon as the dryer has finished.

You will save a lot of time with this tip! You will fold your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer, which will help avoid those annoying wrinkles, save you ironing time and avoid clutter at all costs.

4. Everything in its place, organize the small objects.

Are you one of those who reads a book and leaves it on the table accumulating dust indefinitely? There are objects that we use and we leave them in some corner of the house, sooner or later these elements will become part of the daily landscape.
Every time you finish using something, put it back in its place, even if at that moment it gives you all the laziness in the world. The reward will be twofold: when you come back for it you will know where it is and your home will be effortlessly maintained.

5. Shoes in place.

It is typical to come home after a long and tiring day and throw your shoes outside, in addition to the mess, objects thrown on the floor can cause a fortuitous trip. So it is vital to keep shoes neat in place and keep the floor of the house clear of obstacles.

6. Wash dirty dishes on the spot.

The kitchen will always be in order, you will also save a few minutes in the washing process since a recently used dish is easier to wash than one that has residues stuck to it after having been in the sink for hours.

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