5 Tips for your business or office organization

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5 Tips for your business or office organization


Organization of the workplace is critical to your productivity. If you have a cluttered desk, your mind will never be calm. You will look askance at that pile of messy papers; It will be very frustrating when you go to print something and you realize that the ink has run out or when you cannot find what you are looking for in that drawer where you have everything mixed up. These little things added, are the ones that will not let you focus on the most important thing: your work.

At Hampton’s Magic Cleaning we always want to make #YouDayMuchEasier, and since organization is a very important day-to-day issue, today we want to share some organizational tips for the office.


5 Tips for your business or office organization

5 Tips for your business or office organization


1) How to organize your workplace

You will see that it is not as complicated as you think! With small actions you can carry out the organization of your productive space.

For example, separating the necessary from the unnecessary, especially when it comes to important documents. Also find a specific place for everything that helps you organize yourself, such as putting your main tools (notebooks, calculator, pens, etc.) in the first drawer of your desk. This will save you time and allow you to work more fluently.

It is also important to keep creating and maintaining organizational habits, such as leaving the desk clean at the end of each day; This way, you can start working without any distraction the next day.

2) Color your files

A very simple trick, but very useful when ordering your files, is to use colored folders, to identify, with just a glance, what the documents they contain are about. Also use colored bookmarks or dividers inside folders to quickly find what you are looking for. For example, a blue folder for company expenses, where you separate with colored markers, if they are gas, electricity, water, etc.

3) Use your desktop wisely

Have you ever heard the phrase “your desktop reflects how your mind is”? If you haven’t heard it, keep it in mind when you go to your computer and look at the number of folders and files you have at first glance. It is not the same to turn on the computer and have the home screen show you thousands of icons, than to start with a practically free background screen.

Think about how each icon on your desktop can lead you to what you really need. Use the folders and sub-folders to organize your documents and have what you need at hand, with quick access.

Another unnecessary way to distract your mind is, when you are on the Internet and you start opening countless tabs in your browser, which do not allow you to focus on the topic you are working on. Take a second just to close what you are not using and this will make your head focus on what you are actually doing. Do you know the OneTab extension? Install it in your browser and you will see that it will change your life!

4) A powerful tool to organize and plan your goals

Task managers, like Trello or Clickup, are really practical and can be used in any area of ​​your life. With them you can carry out any work project, plan your next vacation or organize the maintenance and cleaning tasks of your home or business.

One of the great features of these task managers is that they are very easy to use. In both you can create boards with to-do lists, which you can move from what needs to be done, to what you are doing, to those you have already done. For each task you can put a detailed description and write comments for the members of your team.

5) Plan your tasks for the week in advance

Take 10 minutes on Sunday to plan your tasks for the following week, using the “Eisenhower Method.” Write down all your pending items for the week in an agenda, to be able to consult it during the week and mark what has already been done. You will see how you will be able to complete the most important and urgent objectives, delegating those that have lower priority and that do not need your specific attention.

If, still putting these tips into practice, you lack time to improve the organization of your office, visit our website and request our cleaning services (this leads to the link on the page).

While you focus on your business, our concierges will take care of the organization, cleaning and care tasks, both for your clients and the staff of your company. A clean and organized office will reflect a more successful and productive business.

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